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Background Noise – Melle Brown, Oli Hannaford

A DJ and music producer pioneer at 22? I hope the world is keeping a look out for Melle Brown!

She has just released her first record featuring some smooth vocals from Oli Hannaford and it’s a future club banger for sure. We don’t know of many female producers killing the game so it’s great to see her mark her territory in a world assumed by men; and sprinkled with the glitter of Black Girl Magic this is sure to do the trick!

Smooth and jazzy and a consistent vibe, even throughout March’s indecisive seasons, Background Noise has us ready to risk the wind and rain and blow off the cars roof. She’s helped to usher in a fresh wave of deep house to a new generation

She has also let us know that this is the just first off of her upcoming project that will drop sometime this year. Can’t wait! Take a listen to the track now, it’s making moves..

Music Reviews

Maria Drea – I Am

Ooooooo she’s back! Yeah.. MARIA DREA! The one with the voice like velvet… And that production! The way it supports her voice and holds it up like a proud parent, magical!

I feel like Drea is just setting us up so nicely for when a full length project finally hits our airwaves.

Each day I get closer to closure

Vocals clean like a pin and spilling all the scorching tea in such an elegant way. Hello somebody!

I’m so excited for what she’s doing here, she’s being a SINGER. In a mainstream world lost in the literal sauce of begging for streams and likes, it’s great to see a new artist doing it for the love and craft.

Please never change and long may it continue. Let’s make sure we support and scream about singers like Maria Drea and the like.