Your cracked eyesight is not my business

I had a revelation last year. Caring in vain is dumb, and I’m clinically dumb for subscribing. Loose here!

As a free woman I looked back and let go of many of my worries and wanted to slap myself up for taking them on. KMT, *cuts eye*.

Worry makes the heart sick and doesn’t add a single better day to our lives. Next thing you know, you’re spiralling with a million questions like: Am I likeable enough? Approachable? Banter strong enough without being over confident? Should I be this funny? Blah Blah crap blah.

Begin to realise that someone’s reaction to you, or lack thereof, may have little or nothing to do with you personally. If you’re emitting vibes which aren’t reciprocated this isn’t something for you to agonise over. Of course this makes sense regarding strangers, if this is your friend then that’s a conversation. We shouldn’t take on the weight of everyone else then wonder why our shoulders are heavy. Furthermore no one is obliged to you and vice versa.

So instead of wondering if you fulfill the needs of the crowd, wonder if you’ve fulfilled the needs of yourself.

Music Reviews

Maria Drea – I Am

Ooooooo she’s back! Yeah.. MARIA DREA! The one with the voice like velvet… And that production! The way it supports her voice and holds it up like a proud parent, magical!

I feel like Drea is just setting us up so nicely for when a full length project finally hits our airwaves.

Each day I get closer to closure

Vocals clean like a pin and spilling all the scorching tea in such an elegant way. Hello somebody!

I’m so excited for what she’s doing here, she’s being a SINGER. In a mainstream world lost in the literal sauce of begging for streams and likes, it’s great to see a new artist doing it for the love and craft.

Please never change and long may it continue. Let’s make sure we support and scream about singers like Maria Drea and the like.