The Star question?

The birth of a new Star, by means of imploding or exploding, beyond the heavens, means a new Legend has made it up there

Maybe they were well known, maybe not many knew them

But they still had a story

Whether or not you found it to be interesting is not the point

Someone did, someone else would

I dare you to find the person

That would willingly contaminate this star

But then if they were a bad person…

Should they be allowed to get this far?

Should they be a fallen star. Or just fallen?

Music Reviews

Foreign thoughts – Tamara dos Santos

I felt the vibes as soon I heard the finger snaps. This is easily the type of music I gravitate to. Smooth vocals, literal Lyrical Honey.. Come through Miss. Santos!

Then I wheeled up the track and my ears witnessed the metaphor’s spread throughout. That messed me up all over again. I felt the smooth rebuke she gave the one who wronged her!

The greatest thing about this is the ease that she demonstrates through her singing, vocals just dancing over the lyrics and with our emotions. For a 2019 debut I’m so ready for the new gems to be dropped throughout the year.. Fingers crossed!

Taking note of all the things you didn’t notice