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FXZE – Rose Gold the EP

The year started with me searching for the new music to write about and nothing seemed to be on the horizon. Then all of a sudden everything was falling out of a melodious sky and Rose Gold is one of its great jewels.

Produced by the future pioneers Legend City, FXZE gives us a body of glory.

I recommended listening on shuffle just so you can play with suspense and appreciate every track authentically; and if it starts with ‘ Hear this Verse’ you are in for a sweetness. By far it is the stand out song of the EP. The creativity in the production and word flow made me screw up my face, so clearly I’m in love.

Apparently this is a long time coming for FXZE but good things take time so we can now appreciate the wait.

Music Reviews

Foreign thoughts – Tamara dos Santos

I felt the vibes as soon I heard the finger snaps. This is easily the type of music I gravitate to. Smooth vocals, literal Lyrical Honey.. Come through Miss. Santos!

Then I wheeled up the track and my ears witnessed the metaphor’s spread throughout. That messed me up all over again. I felt the smooth rebuke she gave the one who wronged her!

The greatest thing about this is the ease that she demonstrates through her singing, vocals just dancing over the lyrics and with our emotions. For a 2019 debut I’m so ready for the new gems to be dropped throughout the year.. Fingers crossed!

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