2021: Faith & Vibes

The theme of this year is going to have to be as the above. Accepting that we can’t control everything and trusting that derailed expectations won’t be the end of us.

Last year was peppered with last minute disappointments. However, with the help of friends, making the best of bad situations and the good Lord, we managed to create some happy moments.

So yeah, it’s faith and vibes because that’s the easiest way I found to ride through these uncertain times.


My Happiness = My Choice

The amount of times I have to shake off the feeling that me or my talent isn’t good enough, especially when creativity goes quiet. It gets worse when you see your peers thriving and your own well feels low. However it’s our responsibility to take that thought hostage and crush it underfoot. Even if it needs to be done every day! We’re not always going to have a grasp on our feelings but definitely have over our reactions.