Pride keeps me in shatters

Pride keeps me in shatters though I’m begging to be healed Screaming for relief but my clutch will not yield

I say I’m doing fine and I promise I’m okay. But my heart is gently peeling pumping blood of disarray


In spiritual ruins

That’s how I entered your throne room

Bright with promises you know I didn’t keep
Brokenness mixed with shouts of bravado.

I turned my back to rebuke myself, ashamed you should see me this way

Desperately trying to piece myself together

Forcing parts to fit but always losing my grip. Crying ‘cos it only hurt more.

Yet you waited

For me to forgive myself and allow your healing

But I’m too ashamed so I’ll continue hurting, yearning, bleeding

Music Reviews

Goons 4 God – Shanks & Swords

I assume you spell it ROOOOOOSH!

Whenever it was that drill music became known to me I was not a fan. I just couldn’t beleive in it. First of all I had no idea what they were saying and it sounded too dark for me.

Then there was the contovesy over gospel drill; how could typical words like ‘skeng’ which connote death and darkness be used as metaphor’s to promote the Faith? It didn’t add up so I had written it off as something that just wasn’t for me.

However, instead of disapproving this track straight away I decided I may aswell draw my own conclusions and listen.. really listen. Not only do I understand what Jordz, Loomz and Artz are spitting but their energy is far from dark, rather victorious! I can get behind this! Gems are sprinkled all over and the bars are dripping gold. This is my favourite:

I don’t worship idols I smash it

The screamer is below: