Love actually has NOTHING to do with it

Do you have a song that you can finally relate to? I listened to ‘What’s Love Got to do with It’ recently and it slapped differently. Hot revelation. I wasn’t indulging in the sensational fuzz of affection, it was science haha.

Previously, I felt the lyrics to this iconic ear worm were too harsh to sing with the amount of vigour Ms Tina Turner sings it with. Why croon, without regret, that you don’t love someone or that the relationship was never serious?! Well after landing from a fun time in the clouds I get it. If you really consider the song, the writer urges you to not confuse a hot and fast flutter with the unquenchable fire of love. Love has nothing to do with butterflies but many times we hold on to that cheap emotion, and run till it knocks the wind out of us. A bit of a reality back-hand.

Please don’t be disheartened, use the song as a barometer to test wether you just enjoyed the hot flush or are willing to tread through the cold.



I just want to see you in the morning

When the sun rises up, and frames your pretty face

Let the glow illuminate,

Accentuate your cheeks

And make your highlight pop

Let your love fall like confetti

Gently covering me, landing on my shoulders and getting stuck in my eyelashes.

I want to find it burrowed in my hair a fortnight later, showing me you’ll always be there

Float around me

Be sure to scatter prettily

And in the end when you are gathered in a pile

I’ll set you free…

… Into the sea

… For eternity

Although death parted us

Our love will flow forever