Music Reviews

Come Over – Ricardo Williams, Teedra Moses

When two powerhouses align, they make a sweet body of timeless magic.

Ricardo Williams has been calling for us to keep a hold of true RnB for the longest time, and to make it clear he has teamed up with our favourite…. TEEDRA MOSES! I mean, what a collaboration!

RnB won’t be dead for much longer if Williams has anything to do with it. Although we don’t want to be stuck in the past, it’s never a bad idea to bring it up once in a while to remind us all how we got here and why we shouldn’t completely dash it away. Their voices gorgeously give us the depth and melodious throwback to the days when slow jamz were King and Queen of our flirtations. They even throw in the classic interlude to add to the story- in this case the dialtones of their mobiles. I simply CAN’T!

If their goal is to cause a baby boom all blame should be placed firmly in their direction.

Music Reviews

FXZE – Rose Gold the EP

The year started with me searching for the new music to write about and nothing seemed to be on the horizon. Then all of a sudden everything was falling out of a melodious sky and Rose Gold is one of its great jewels.

Produced by the future pioneers Legend City, FXZE gives us a body of glory.

I recommended listening on shuffle just so you can play with suspense and appreciate every track authentically; and if it starts with ‘ Hear this Verse’ you are in for a sweetness. By far it is the stand out song of the EP. The creativity in the production and word flow made me screw up my face, so clearly I’m in love.

Apparently this is a long time coming for FXZE but good things take time so we can now appreciate the wait.