Full of big chat but can’t defend your own

Christians can be so self righteous it’s crazy, the way I’ve been realising things is nuts. God’s like ‘SORRY luv there’s a cutla bits I’m gonna need you to clock before you go back out in the world’. This time it’s swearing.

99% of Christians will agree we shouldn’t swear and that our speech should be wholesome (Ephesians 4:29) . Most of the world will agree that F*** and C*** are ‘bad’ words. However, that all means nothing if the rest of your speech is damming. As in, you’re saved and don’t cuss but you talk down to people. Rude tone of voice, mean and relentlessly gossip to people’s face, behind their back and in your heart. Ermmmmmmm…?

So the saints who won’t watch a movie with swearing in but have no problem being ‘nice nasty’ are modern day pharisses. Hyping and rebuking one part of sin but dismissing the rest.

Swearing is the least of our problems if your heart and tongue is rotten with the permissable words.


Lookin’ like a whole SHNACK after isolation!

I hope we’re all adhering to the self isolation orders and keeping our spirits up in the meantime! If you have taken a walk outside you’ll notice how calm it is. Countless buses have zoomed by with no passengers, and people are quick to give you a wide berth if there is a possibility of collision.

As there is no reason to do up GLAM, I assume the majority of us are keeping hair in chunky twists or plaits and accepting defeat that our trims won’t be sharp. Some people are still beating their face with finesse to do Insta videos or to join House party chats, that’s a mission I don’t understand. I have no beef in you catching me in my head scarf or house hair lol. However I am subscribing to keep myself up physically during this time. I’m yet to take my home bound gym life serious but in terms of moisturing and deep conditioning I’m all over it. I plan to step out of isolation as if it served me well! All dewy and glowing! I am also a Christian, so I need to apply the same energy. As much as I want to glow physically I should and want to glow spiritually.

I feel this will be a wheat from the chaff moment. It is very easy to rely on Sunday’s to feed your faith, making plugging into the church community without the physical act of going to church dismissive. If anything we need to keep an extra eye on ourselves; making sure we are spending personal time in devotion, logging into virtual Bible studies etc. The same way I won’t achieve my dewy glow without keeping up my routines, is the same way I won’t be a Christian that makes sense if I don’t upkeep myself spiritually.

This only just occurred to me, as I realised my room for excuse is so minimal. Therefore, if I grow into a spiritual dry toe that’s my own business and that is not what I plan to rule over. I do not desire to be eternally passive so I will have force myself in to help defeat laziness.