Believe in your quirks guys x

My fashion choices when I were younger are jokes but I have to own it. To me I was stepping! I used to love jeans in every colour but blue, the biggest earrings my lobes could handle, clashing prints and refusing to match my socks. I needed to always look like I stepped out of a 90s RnB music video!

I went through a bit of an identity crisis as I felt my individuality had to suffer for me to ‘look my age’. But when I sight style QUEENS like Teyana Taylor and Tracee Ellis Ross it means that’s bologna! Teyana stays giving us smexcii tomboy and that’s a whole bit of me!

I think we should all stand in our style convictions. If you are giving us a pastel lemon coloured linen suit then sir WORK THAT SUIT! If you are convinced you look good in croc effect church shoes on a Friday night at the clurb, then who are me to judge? What can a next man say? I admire ‘regular’ people who don’t dress according to what you expect. A 47 year old mother with a green afro is getting her life so mind your business.

Something isn’t too right if the amount of grey tops I own is now hitting 5 😳. Quirk will have to make some kind of a comeback because life is too short.


Bust That Circle Wide Open

The culture of our friendships can be quite one dimensional because we flock to who we think we’ll be most comfortable with, where there is a guarantee of commonality. I realised my own are all quite similar; whether they are Black, mixed with Black or fit somewhere on the Christian spectrum. So clearly there’s room for more!

It would be reductive to ask God to enlarge or territories but draw the lines of who we are willing to be in relationship with. How does that serve the Kingdom? How does that allow us to be informed, conscious and not ignorant? The pros technically outweigh the reservations if I’m honest; different lifestyles, parties and FOOOD! Intentionality is key. Once the lockdown is over it’s time to get to stepping! *help*.

It’s not about preaching down people’s throats. Grown ups can respect different aspects like religion and not be offended if they don’t align on EVERYTHING. All we have to do is authentically reflect what we believe is true and be delightful.