My Happiness = My Choice

The amount of times I have to shake off the feeling that me or my talent isn’t good enough, especially when creativity goes quiet. It gets worse when you see your peers thriving and your own well feels low. However it’s our responsibility to take that thought hostage and crush it underfoot. Even if it needs to be done every day! We’re not always going to have a grasp on our feelings but definitely have over our reactions.


The Reality Of Living At home In Your 20’s

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Be informed. Be Entertained. Be You.

It may still be a little taboo, but living with your parent/s in your 20s is the new norm. According to Loughborough Uni ‘63% of [unmarried] adults between the ages of 20 and 29 live with their parents.’

living with parents

I became part of this statistic when I trudged back home after graduation, following 4 years of independence. My parents were pretty strict growing up, but I had lived a whole grown life so I thought things might be different when I came back. Wrong! I was hit with reality when I realised I was the kid again. The side eye when I came home past 11pm and sermons about what I’m doing with my life were all on the menu.

Now that I’m living at home, personal space is a thing of the past. My room seems to be the hangout place for everyone, even when I’m trying to…

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