Throwin’ it back for my human rights!

Racism. Equality. Discrimination. Prejudice. These are just a few important matters people are fighting to correct. And if you aren’t protesting on the streets you may choose to write a poem, volunteer your time or even sign a petition to express your support.

But twerking in the fight against prejudice?

Now I’m down for throwing it back and having a good time in the appropriate setting. If the vibe is high I’m personally holding on! But why include this to celebrate MLK day? And how did the BLM insta page think that would fit?

In the artist’s statement, it’s claimed the ‘Twerk on Washington’ is to advocate for the decolonisation of oversexualising Black women’s bodies’. I see that point and even if it may not be to my taste, maybe I can understand the thought process. But I just don’t think it marry’s well with celebrating MLK day. Do you?

I laughed when I saw it, both out of awkward embarrassment and bewilderment. Express yourself how you want to but judging by the comments, it missed the mark.


2021: Faith & Vibes

The theme of this year is going to have to be as the above. Accepting that we can’t control everything and trusting that derailed expectations won’t be the end of us.

Last year was peppered with last minute disappointments. However, with the help of friends, making the best of bad situations and the good Lord, we managed to create some happy moments.

So yeah, it’s faith and vibes because that’s the easiest way I found to ride through these uncertain times.