Malcolm & Marie & integrity’s fight

My favourite thing about this film is that there wasn’t a sex scene. We got close but never close enough to reach a satisfying climax. And I’m not glad because I’m awkwardly prudent with the idea of a couple being in love, but because it meant Marie held on to a power many people feel they can compromise at their own expense.

Malcolm & Marie is a recent Netflix film release directed by Euphoria’s Sam Levison. It stars John David Washington and EMMY winner Zendaya.

The film follows a couple who upon returning from a film premier, wallow in the tensions of their relationship. A self absorbed Malcolm stews because he is dissatisfied with comments over his film, and Marie hurts over Malcolm’s disregard of her feelings.

Throughout the film Malcolm tries dictate the argument by smoothing over Marie’s angst so he can revel in his wants and have sex with her.

Marie’s anger subsides and she almost gives herself to him… Until she doesn’t. Marie who finds it hard to articulate her feelings appears to find her voice in every moment of solitude and like any person finding their way, abruptly changes her mind.

I commened her for this. She doesn’t let go of her fight for peace or release her power until she’s satisfied. There were matters breaking her heart and she couldn’t share any joy with Malcolm wholeheartedly until she felt honest and heard. She forced him to listen and wore his arrogance down.

She held her own. She didn’t let the gaslighting form her.

In any regard it’s a lesson in not doing something for someone until you are truly ready. Your emotions and feelings are valid and should be held with integrity.


Throwin’ it back for my human rights!

Racism. Equality. Discrimination. Prejudice. These are just a few important matters people are fighting to correct. And if you aren’t protesting on the streets you may choose to write a poem, volunteer your time or even sign a petition to express your support.

But twerking in the fight against prejudice?

Now I’m down for throwing it back and having a good time in the appropriate setting. If the vibe is high I’m personally holding on! But why include this to celebrate MLK day? And how did the BLM insta page think that would fit?

In the artist’s statement, it’s claimed the ‘Twerk on Washington’ is to advocate for the decolonisation of oversexualising Black women’s bodies’. I see that point and even if it may not be to my taste, maybe I can understand the thought process. But I just don’t think it marry’s well with celebrating MLK day. Do you?

I laughed when I saw it, both out of awkward embarrassment and bewilderment. Express yourself how you want to but judging by the comments, it missed the mark.