Music Reviews

Come Over – Ricardo Williams, Teedra Moses

When two powerhouses align, they make a sweet body of timeless magic.

Ricardo Williams has been calling for us to keep a hold of true RnB for the longest time, and to make it clear he has teamed up with our favourite…. TEEDRA MOSES! I mean, what a collaboration!

RnB won’t be dead for much longer if Williams has anything to do with it. Although we don’t want to be stuck in the past, it’s never a bad idea to bring it up once in a while to remind us all how we got here and why we shouldn’t completely dash it away. Their voices gorgeously give us the depth and melodious throwback to the days when slow jamz were King and Queen of our flirtations. They even throw in the classic interlude to add to the story- in this case the dialtones of their mobiles. I simply CAN’T!

If their goal is to cause a baby boom all blame should be placed firmly in their direction.

Music Reviews

Background Noise – Melle Brown, Oli Hannaford

A DJ and music producer pioneer at 22? I hope the world is keeping a look out for Melle Brown!

She has just released her first record featuring some smooth vocals from Oli Hannaford and it’s a future club banger for sure. We don’t know of many female producers killing the game so it’s great to see her mark her territory in a world assumed by men; and sprinkled with the glitter of Black Girl Magic this is sure to do the trick!

Smooth and jazzy and a consistent vibe, even throughout March’s indecisive seasons, Background Noise has us ready to risk the wind and rain and blow off the cars roof. She’s helped to usher in a fresh wave of deep house to a new generation

She has also let us know that this is the just first off of her upcoming project that will drop sometime this year. Can’t wait! Take a listen to the track now, it’s making moves..