Full of big chat but can’t defend your own

Christians can be so self righteous it’s crazy, the way I’ve been realising things is nuts. God’s like ‘SORRY luv there’s a cutla bits I’m gonna need you to clock before you go back out in the world’. This time it’s swearing.

99% of Christians will agree we shouldn’t swear and that our speech should be wholesome (Ephesians 4:29) . Most of the world will agree that F*** and C*** are ‘bad’ words. However, that all means nothing if the rest of your speech is damming. As in, you’re saved and don’t cuss but you talk down to people. Rude tone of voice, mean and relentlessly gossip to people’s face, behind their back and in your heart. Ermmmmmmm…?

So the saints who won’t watch a movie with swearing in but have no problem being ‘nice nasty’ are modern day pharisses. Hyping and rebuking one part of sin but dismissing the rest.

Swearing is the least of our problems if your heart and tongue is rotten with the permissable words.


Deffo self sabotage

For the longest time I’ve struggled with the prospect of being uncomfortable, as in I’d rather not do something in case the possible downsides come true.

I’ve sometimes convinced myself not to drive somewhere in case I make a wrong turn and the idea I had planned morphs into a version I wasn’t prepared for. It’s like a pang of over analytical anxiety paralyses me till I reason that the worst case scenario will be my fate.

I’ve never viewed this as self sabotage, rather avoiding extra stress. Of course this net can only be cast so far and after all the reconciling you realise it simply won’t stretch to every situation.

The long and short of it is that ‘what if something bad happens’ can’t rule your life. Stop reasoning with the worst case scenario in an unwise manner. When you push through the statements of fear you’ll realise it was never a lion before you but rather a mouse. And even if it turns out to be a lion you can still boss it!