The Reality Of Living At home In Your 20’s

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It may still be a little taboo, but living with your parent/s in your 20s is the new norm. According to Loughborough Uni ‘63% of [unmarried] adults between the ages of 20 and 29 live with their parents.’

living with parents

I became part of this statistic when I trudged back home after graduation, following 4 years of independence. My parents were pretty strict growing up, but I had lived a whole grown life so I thought things might be different when I came back. Wrong! I was hit with reality when I realised I was the kid again. The side eye when I came home past 11pm and sermons about what I’m doing with my life were all on the menu.

Now that I’m living at home, personal space is a thing of the past. My room seems to be the hangout place for everyone, even when I’m trying to…

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