I’ve had enough of deconstructing, my hands are tired

It isn’t due to laziness but I can’t and won’t bleed over every shade of unenlightenment I come across. For why? To the militant people in which ever field or regiment, go for it. Stay passionate and hold down the frontlines. However, sometimes the quieter approach is necessary and sometimes its not even worth your time. If someone chooses to stink with their ignorance then good for them. We can’t allow it to cost us our vocal chords, blood pressure, give us worry lines…. no sir!

Think of all the people who ‘don’t get it’ and their minds are beyond physical repair. Imagine how many pearls you throw away trying to convince rusty musty hearts, that they’re thinking was always wrong. See, you’re tired thinking about it! Many dogs will return to their own vomit because they didn’t want to leave it anyway.

So when *insert person* asks if you wash your hair or *insert person* is shocked your Jamaican father has stayed faithful to your mum, really think about if your sermon is worth preaching. Your eloquent speech may just get choked by the 100 year old weeds they can’t seem to kill. AND they will still be shocked tomorrow. As long as you yourself knows better then life is still for living. You’ll wear yourself sore clinging to frustration.


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