I’ll never be an Instagram baddie

Its funny how you can get inspiration and revelations from the most random things. This one came from browsing through the pages of Preety Little Thing.

My friends have spoken of the clothes they have bought off of the site, as I haven’t indulged myself there I thought to see what they had to offer. However as I browsed the pages I realised there was a huge problem. I didn’t identify with it. They just didn’t seem to wholly cater to my sense of style and being. There was an abundance of cute outfits to choose from which I know I could look BAHD in, but they just wouldn’t be ME. Therefore if I took the plunge, bought and wore one of their outfits anyway, it’s likely that I would not be that comfortable. I am not their target market and I don’t need to force myself to fit in to anaesthetic that may be deemed acceptable to some.

Though I of course have no problem with the site, it did make me realise that our identities cannot be under duress; there is nothing in the world that I would be able to do to make myself be truly comfortable being someone else. I would be like a fugitive in my own body and will DEFINETLY be found out!

Not everything is for us although it may be accessible. Not every job is for you, certain people won’t be attracted to you and not every style is for you! So as seen as I’ll never be an Instagram baddie I’ll consciously surrender my insecurities about my identity every day so I can continue being myself.

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