Music Reviews

Blackout 2 – Happi, Komenz, Melvillous

Three guys, three friends, one week later a stream of bangers… Blackout 2 has landed people!

When they announced that the project was enroute, all I could think of was the focus that it would have taken to write, refine and produce a collection of songs that flow well together in only a week. Now that’s dedication to the craft!

Blackout 2 is a combination of grime, Afro swing and heaps of emotion, as they touch on matters close to their hearts and demonstrate the strength of leaning on one another; the most exposing being ‘Outro (Grandma’s last Words) ‘. Faith and life easily intertwine to ensure its vulnerability and power . Komenz holds down the production while Melvillous and Happi give us a lot to think about. What is even more satisfying is how no ones ego outshines the other’s , especially as they are both solo artists in their own right. Super proud of this one!

Favourite song has to be ‘Grateful’ because it holds the stand out line of the whole EP:

… God won’t move mountains that were meant to be climbed…

If that doesn’t take you out then what will?

If you’re ready for a good dose of amazing London ability, take a listen and stream the EP below!

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