Music Reviews

Rai-Elle – KSB (Always on my Mind)

I hope you’re not about to let how sugar sweet she looks to distract you from the punch she just threw on this song!

If you are a big fan of the 90s hip hop and RnB era like myself then you will be totally in love with this whole vibe. Rai-Elle is bringing the old skool sensibilities and stamping it with her personal London signature producing a modern and fresh tune. The lyrics are simply relatable and reflect the complexity of our emotions.

We’ve all been LASHED in love at some point right?

She may only be a teen but the words will not go amiss in any generation.

She also has a EP out with Moves recordings, bringing a great body of work to the forefront. This is just another example of the unbelievable talent coming from our streets. Come on QUEEN!

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