Music Reviews

Called Out Music – In Due Time

The wait is over! After his SOLD OUT debut headline concert in November, Called Out Music’s debut album is finally here!

We have all grown to love this amazing singer’s music, and live for his flawless blend of worship, afro beats and melodies. He is part of the wave raising up young worshipers with a fresh and unique placement.

The title track happens to be a message set to music where the narrator speaks on how everything is beautiful ‘in due time’ ; a great moment to pause in the course of the album to reflect. The name of this project is a perfect fit for this generation. We often struggle when are dreams do not align with the reality we are given ; this serves as a refreshing reminder that it all turns to our good and all paths are unique.

If you ever get the chance to see him at an event you will blessed with a vibrant show and deep worship simultaneously. Totally worth it!


  1. Found in you
  2. Love Around
  3. Last Breath

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