Music Reviews

Freedom – Catching Cairo & Ellie Rose NEXXT STEPS

How could you be so basic and leave me for a dead ting?

A great collaborative EP has recently dropped by a group of talented females under Sian Anderson’s ‘NEXXT STEP’ project, and this song Freedom is an appprooitae breath of fresh air.

Music producer and DJ Melle Brown provides the foundation, leaving Catching Cairo and Ellie Rose’s voices to blend smoothly in this reggae inspired electronic track; which has the lyrical ease and authority the Islands connote. One thing I really appreciate about this track is their boast for London culture, from Catching Cairo’s unmistakable accent to the language used. They refrain from an American approved song and focus their talent to celebrate our own.

There are so many talented female singers and songwriters from the city with unique sounds who are yet to be celebrated. This project is just the tip of the iceburg, I cannot wait to see what comes next from these singers and this project!

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