Music Reviews

Things Change – Still Shadey music video

Still Shadey recently released his latest video to track ‘Things Change’ off of his EP ‘Still Shining’. Compared to his previous releases this song conveys raw worship like emotion, showing the vulnerable surrender of our hearts.

With a hook constantly reminding that you are ‘still shining’, you are most likely to expect a video featuring bright constellations and slick graphics. However the journey of this piece of art juxtaposes your initial expectations, making perfect sense with this slight deviation .

Initially I felt the simple black background and minimal lighting would not do the song justice, however after a few more views it became apparent that the motive was to allow you to reflect with the story rather than be entertained by the visuals. Perfect direction from Manny Productions . It allows us as viewers space to digest the song, and simply connotes that though darkness surrounds God’s change within us is still visible.

‘… Now I see things different. Lord lead the way’

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