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Burna Boy – ‘Outside’ – album review


Burna Boy is the artist I never knew I loved. Please forgive me for being so late to the fold, I am so sorry.

The great thing about this album is that there is not a dead tune on there, every single song evokes a mood. You can gently bop to ‘Koni Baje’ and in the same breath get your whole life to it. There’s the reminiscent ‘Giddem’ which samples ‘I’m so into you’ by Tamia and the ultimate classic ‘Ye’. That is hands down the anthem of 2018 and the mood for life!

Another great appreciation I have for this work of art is his ability to incorporate different genres like afro swing, dancehall, hip hop and London colloquialisms seamlessly. As someone who is of part Jamaican decent I fully support his use of dance hall influences because it defies being cheesy; a collab with Vybz Kartel when he’s out is imminent, it is the union we need please!

All I did was pull faces while I listened. Shock and awe. The production is crazy. The flow is impeccable. The lyrics I understand are fantastic. Burna Boy and his team are too talented. Every song stands alone, no fillers. The whole album can be in a DJ set for a party and that is something rare. No need to skip. When I hear ‘Ph City Vibration I have to do everything in my power to stop wildin’ out on the train. Oh and his choice of features are so appropriate, I was surprised to see Lily Allen but it makes so much sense.

I cannot get over how in love I am, and again I’m sorry for being late to the party.

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