Music Reviews

Rebecca Winter – Pree ME

Rebecca Winter is another woman flying the flag for British Black singers. She is back on the scene after finishing up her Law degree; hustle and smart… SUPPORT HER! Her latest track ‘Pree ME’ sets the pace for any woman who needs a boost of confidence on the dance floor.

If you’re still willing to wuk your waist after carnival festivities, continue with this song by the gorgeous Rebecca Winter. Another example of how to properly blend different culture’s music and uphold your identity, this track is smooth and SMEXCII.

Rebecca’s crystal voice flows gracefully over 3:24 mins of understated and honey like production. This song strikes a perfect balance as it refrains from being unreasonably brash, instead using its power to draw you gently into a comforting trance as you transcend with the aid of her pretty vocals. I’m glad to have discovered this gem and looking forward to what more she will bring to the table. I say she should be on Burna Boy’s next project. What say you?


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