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Shelana Azora – Senses music video

Shelana Azora’s debut music video ‘Senses’ is mesmerising! Rich imagery and low lighting gorgeously reflect the emotions of the song. She is a singer, songwriter and she edited the video, hello self sufficient!

The tale as old as time; two people are in love, one falls out (of love) and the other falls desperate to save what is left. Captured with cool visual metaphor’s, my personal favourite being the fire, we follow a woman’s story as she navigates a heartbreak. One powerful scene is where she begs him to stay in the midst of a burning house. This speaks volumes to the state of mind we can find ourselves in.

‘… Let me uncover the real you. I’m losing my senses to feel you.’

Watch it like a movie and be arrested by Shelana’s delicate vocals and pure lyrics.

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