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Melvillous – Feel No Pain video

Mellvillous aka Shelly Melly aka 1/3 C.O.G (original guys know about that one lol), has released his debut music video for his track ‘Feel no pain’ from his latest project No Choice. It’s a sombre look into a man who has gone beyond the point of feeling and strength seems like a luxury. Many of us will be able to relate.

The main theme throughout the video is abuse at the hands of family, friends and significant others. Emotional abuse that hurts the heart and physical abuse that leaves a scar. What is interesting about the video is that you can really feel the loneliness, an essence captured by director Saoud Khalaf. It almost feels invasive to be aware of how shattered his world is and sad to know that there is nothing we as a viewer can do to help. Although we can acknowledge the problems around Melvillous, our focus is solely on him as we try to understand his feelings and work out if he is as broken as he claims.

‘I gave you everything I have and what I gotta show for it

… I been down so long i don’t feel no pain

I been cut so deep I don’t bleed the same’

The video reflects the lyrics well and highlights the importance of revealing your hurts and healing before it’s too late.

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