Straight Lines are Appealing to Me

I’m a person who likes to get things right straight away. I want my initial vision to work and be the only way forward. Straight lines are appealing to me.

The fantastic problem about Life, is that it doesn’t care about what you think or feel. If anything, it haughtily says to itself, ‘Ahh she likes straight paths and clear options; may as well throw a bag of bends at her.’ How rude!

Take me starting this blog for example, it was initially going to just be a platform for me to share my poetry with other segments about history and my musings. Pretty random. As the weeks rolled on it suddenly didn’t make any sense and I wondered why I even began. I remembered something  Bishop T.D Jakes said when he was preaching; he spoke on the doubt his son faced when considering a career he wanted to pursue. He commented that ‘It may be the thing that leads to the thing’ and that has been evident in this simple blog adventure. It will mean revamping and changing plans.

In the back of my mind this was always an incoming revelation, I knew my original plan may not be the One. However the point is that I began . If I had waited to land on the perfect idea that I was 100% comfortable and sure about,

  1. I may have never reached it and be satisfied with my decision
  2. I wouldn’t have realised what works and learned from it. Even now it’s evolving as we speak!

So my word of encouragement is that if there is something you feel you should start, DO IT! Even if it was wrong and doesn’t work out, it could lead to what will.

blooming blur close up daisy

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