Stand on this L

I reached out to you
A gesture coloured with peace and graciousness
Orange for vibrancy and yellow for happiness
Excited for the future and glad you would accept
I knew you’d love it

You took my hand for the first dance and we bathed in our delight
Shining smiles, seamless song

As the last notes played I felt you stiffen
You relaxed our intertwined fingers and your eyes narrowed
Backing away and turning a corner you left me confused
I tried to follow, earnestly kicking up dust till I couldn’t see
Too quick. I couldn’t hold on to your hem
Too fast. No time to gasp or grasp the state you left me in

Though I’m hurt I don’t want to be coloured blue
Don’t want to be bitter but I have learned to expect nothing from you
You’re a human so you’ll fail me, I won’t put my faith in you blindly
I’m sorry that you felt that you could rule my heart proudly

You took my love and ran with it, I’ll take this L and stand on it

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