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LyricalHoney Playlist: Funky Friday

There are some serious talents that are local to all of us Londoners. Some are friends, friends of friends or strangers, for now.

The music scene in London has been bubbling and making up noise for a good while now within the Black community. Rappers and singers are showing off with true London flair, unbothered about ‘making it’ in the States. Stateside love is appreciated I’m sure but not the main goal anymore, we have accepted that we’re good enough on our own! We have an immense blend of cultures to produce our own unique sounds, whether it’s straight grime or afro swing, mix that with a D.I.Y attitude and we can put ourselves on.

I’ve put together a short playlist of rappers who I feel are doing their thing and genuinely love these songs.

1. Funky Friday – Dave x Fredo. Love the way Dave raps, it’s coherent and he sounds wiser than his age. This tune puts me in a whole mood and Fredo got me feeling like I’m in the Litty Committee.

2. Everything Changed – Shadey. Discovered this guy recently. This song is a BOP, positive and cancels the Christian rap is corny stigma.

3. Pray & Pattern – Melvillous. He’s been rapping from when we were teenagers with a flow and message that has only got better over the years. His latest project ‘No Choice’ made me really say, ‘RAHHHHHH! Melly .. Ah you dat?!’

4. CYHMN – Kaine. Got to shout out my friends. I admire the way he has been working hard on music over the last few years. This is his first single and it’s something special.

5. Advice – Cadet x Deno Driz. I love a catchy bop and since watching Shiro’s Story I became a fan. It just makes me grin, young lad tells a grown man ‘shut your mouth and turn around’! Love it. And it shows of that London blend of styles

So follow the link! This playlist will be up for a while and lets celebrate what these brothers are doing

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