#thistooishistory Mae Jemison -Galactic Superstar

Mae Jemison was born in Alabama USA on October 17th, 1956 and raised in Chicago. Her family encouraged her early interests in science and music, which grew her into being the fist African-American woman to go to space with NASA in 1992.

Mae graduated from high school at 16 and went to Stanford University from 1973 – 77, graduating with a Bachelor’s of science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in African and African-American studies. She was also a dancer from the age of 11 and choreographed many shows throughout her time there and was head of the Black Student Union. She faced many racial trials while at university includingScreen Shot 2018-10-19 at 15.02.12teachers not supporting her intelligence by disregarding her questions, that did not stop her from leaving with fantastic grades though! In 1981 she received her M.D degree from Cornell Medical College and became a General Practitioner – this is a smart woman! From 1983- 85 she joined the Peace Corps as a Doctor and also travelled around the world giving primary care and producing shows during her time at Cornell.

From the 12th – 20th September 1992 she flew to space on the Endeavour STS-47 mission being the co- investigator on a mission looking into bone cells research and many other projects. In 1993 she left NASA and founded her own company Jemison Group that researches, markets and develops scientific technology for everyday life. She is also a professor and has taught at Cornell University and Dartmouth College.

This is a great example of someone embodying creativity and academia, her willingness to experience life in all facets of her dreams is something to be inspired by.


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